Computing Curriculum

The use of technology within Ridge Community Primary is currently developing to meet the new Computing curriculum.

Children’s learning experiences with ICT.
Within both KS1 and KS2 the curriculum will be covered primarily through day to day teaching and full integration with other subjects and cross curricular work, making use of the range of technology which is available within school.

In addition, for children to develop specific skills in the areas of computer science (CS), Information Technology (IT) and digital literacy (DL) dedicated and discrete sessions will be timetabled for each class. In these sessions there will be a focus on contextual skill development and these sessions will provide experiences which can then be applied in other work.

Scheme of work
Our Computing Scheme of work is being trialled and developed.

We are using the following:
– IT and DL – Phil Bagge Progression documents (
– CS – Phil Bagge, plans from resources such as Espresso Coding
– E-safety – from swgfl

As this is a new curriculum, all the children will have to build up their development of skills. This may mean children working on similar skills in different year groups, but moving forward at the rate that best meets the children’s ability and needs.