Out-of-hours Activities

School isn’t just about academic learning so we organise ‘extra curricular’ activities to enable children to explore their interests. Some of these activities are within the school day, like our lunchtime Year 6 Bug Club, and some are out of school hours.

We offer extra-curricular activities such as:

For more information please ask at the school office.

We need to know which children are going to which club at least the day before the club happens (to ensure appropriate staffing, and so that everyone know where children are meant to be at the right time).


Having this information in advance will allow the club staff to speak to class staff, in advance, to ensure that they and the children know who is coming to the club that day.

If families have completed a consent slip for a club, and children do not attend for two weeks (for unknown reasons – not genuine absences like sickness) then the club staff will take them off the register, and offer the place to children on the waiting list.

Local out-of-hours activity and care providers: