Where ever possible Ridge Community Primary School’s Governing Body adopts Lancashire County Council’s suggested policies, only changing them to make reference to the school and staff names. We review our policies on a rolling cycle.

A number of our policies are available below. The highlighted text below indicates a link. Please click on the highlighted text to open the link, and to open the PDF documents. If you require paper copies of any documents, please ask at the School Office.


Accessibility Plan for 2017-20 (reviewed Autumn 2018).


The school adopts Lancashire County Council’s policies and guidance for managing violence and aggression towards staff in the workplace, including the policies ‘Adults Violence & Aggression in Schools’ (written 23.12.14 reviewed 27.11.2017), ‘Children’s Violence & Aggression in Schools’ (written 23.12.14 reviewed 27.11.2017), ‘dealing with abusive telephone calls’, and ‘dealing with violence in the workplace’.

The school adopts Lancashire County Council’s statement:
‘We’ll always be polite and show respect to you.
In return, we ask the same of you.
We won’t help you if you shout or swear at our staff, or if you’re aggressive or violent towards them.
If you’re aggressive towards our staff, they will have our full support if they call the police.’


Anti-bullying Policy, reviewed Spring 2018.


Asthma Policy, reviewed Spring 2018.


Behaviour Policy, reviewed Spring 2018.

Appendix 1 – Rules; Appendix 4 – Rewards; Appendix 5 – Card System.



The school adopts’s Lancashire County Council’s Billing and Debt Management Policy (Reviewed Autumn 2018), Charging and Remissions Policy (Reviewed Autumn 2018), and Lettings Policy (reviewed Autumn 2018), with a covering statement (reviewed Autumn 2018).

The school does not charge pupils for attending school.

The school requests that families make a financial contribution to certain curricular and extra-curricular activities (such as class visits), but does not exclude pupils who are unable to pay.

The school may suggest donations for fundraising activities, but does not enforce any charges for these activities.

The school adopts the Lancashire County Council Debt Management Policy for chargable items such as school lunches, in that:
– Payment must be received in advance.
– If payment is not received a reminder will be issued.
– If payment is not received when reminders are issued the school may decide to refer the debt to the Local Authority to collect, which may involve legal action.

If you are worried about paying a school for something please speak with our Headteacher (Mrs Sue Fitt), School Business Manager (Ms Cat Gillies), or one of our Family Support staff, as we may be able to set up a payment plan, or make a referral to another agency who can support you.


The school adopts the Lancashire County Council Complaints policy and procedures (reviewed Autumn 2017)Families who have concerns or complaints should read this document, and if necessary complete the ‘complaint form’ at the end of the document and forward it to the Headteacher or Chair of Governors via the School Office. You can contact us about your concerns or complaints either via the School Office (see the Contact Us page), or as detailed on the ‘Concerns and Complaints Contact Details’ sheet – please note that we do not give out direct personal contact details for our governors. If you require a paper copy of these documents please ask at the School Office.


Healthy Eating Policy, revised Spring 2018.


Intimate Care Policy, reviewed Autumn 2017, and Individual Intimate Care Plans, reviewed Spring 2018.


Medication in School Policyreviewed Autumn 2018.


Online Safety Policy, reviewed Summer 2017.
Please also take a look at these useful websites for more information about digital safety:
Childnet International

Ridge rules for Pupils (Responsible Use of Electronic Communications and Storage), reviewed Summer 2017.


Physical Activity Policy, revised Spring 2018.


Pupil Premium Grant Policy, reviewed Autumn 2018.


Safeguarding Policy – see information on the ‘Safeguarding’ page.


Security Policy, reviewed Autumn 2018.


Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Policy – see the information on the ‘Inclusion’ page.


Single Equalities Policy, reviewed Spring 2018. The Lancashire County Council Equality Charter, which the school subscribes to, is here.